Privacy Policy

At our company, we handle user’s personal information with utmost integrity, ensuring their privacy remains intact. We guarantee that such data will not be distributed to external entities.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy to prevent any misunderstandings or complications. Understanding our policy will clarify how we handle and utilize personal data.

Types of Data Collected and Processed

We gather a variety of data to enhance user interaction with our website. This includes notifying users about new deals and offers.

Data collection falls into two main categories:

  1. The first category includes data such as browser type, location, operating system, site visit time, and language preference. This basic information aids in optimizing the website’s user experience.
  2. The second category involves personal details like contact information and email addresses. Providing such information is entirely optional and subject to user consent.
  3. Access to data is possible without registration. However, creating a profile is necessary for the full real-money gaming experience.

Usage of Data

We use the data strictly within legal boundaries, primarily to enhance customer service. Personal data may be utilized for:

  1. Site services delivery;
  2. Communication about new deals, bonuses, and offers;
  3. Analyzing user behavior to upgrade service quality.

We assure you that data collection is for research and analysis purposes only, with no risk of it being transferred to third parties.

Data Collection Methods

Data processing on our site is automated and consensual. Collected information might include phone numbers, emails, and names.

Information provision is voluntary, and only then is it processed. We automatically analyze a minimal set of data.

Cookies and Web Analytics

Cookies facilitate user access to our platform and are employed by browsers like Google Chrome and Opera. They record user activity. Accessing the site prompts a cookie access request, enhancing platform accessibility upon approval.

We do not share personal information unless legally obliged, and not without user consent.

For data security, we utilize SSL encryption, preventing unauthorized access and data manipulation.

If you prefer not to have your data stored, simply notify us.

Data Retention Period

There’s no fixed duration for data retention. We store information as long as necessary. Should you wish for your data to be removed sooner, you can request its deletion via mail.

We store user data only for generating relevant offers and ensuring data security. For any concerns, you can contact us, and our representatives will assist you.

User Rights Regarding Confidential Information

Users have various rights on our site. Should you have concerns about data security or other related queries, do not hesitate to contact us via email.

You have the right to withdraw consent for data use and processing. This action is effective immediately upon notification to our company representatives.

Users can also decline personal data processing, preventing its use in analysis or surveys. Additionally, users can:

  • Inquire about stored data;
  • Request personal data deletion;
  • Lodge a complaint in case of data breaches or unauthorized third-party disclosure.

Registration on is restricted to adults. Minors under 18 are prohibited from creating accounts. Such actions are considered illegal. Only adults who verify their identity are allowed to register.